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Financial Aid Resources

As the lead institution, Columbia Basin College has hired Melanie Casciato to work on financial aid issues.

Conversation with Julie Arthur, Department of Education 


Columbia Basin College CBE Handbook

Columbia Basin College has created a CBE Handbook outlining their processes, marketing efforts, student and staff resources and other useful information.

Veterans and Military Assistance

Information from Columbia Basin College:

Student veterans pursuing Columbia Basin College’s online competency based Associates in Business may be eligible for the Washington State 25% veterans’ tuition waiver.  The US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) web site offers robust information about the types of VA education benefits ( Veterans wishing to use VA educational benefits may contact the Veterans Education and Transition Services (VETS) office should they have questions regarding the use of education benefits at the college (

For veterans who wish to use the Post 9/11 GI Bill (CH 33) in pursuit of the online competency-based Associates in Business, the monthly housing allowance for online only programs is capped at 50% of the national BAH average for the rank of E-5.  The national average is close to $740 per month for students taking a full-time course load with 100% eligibility.


Student Information and Marketing

Everett Handout for CBE Student Support

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