Course Development

The courses for the pilot business transfer degree consist of 18 high-enrollment, five credit courses that satisfy the distribution requirements.

List of Courses pdf

Faculty from the pilot colleges are working on curriculum maps and adaptive assessments for the 18 courses with our vendor, Lumen Learning.

Lumen’s founders, David Wiley and Kim Thanos, are leaders in the development and use of open educational resources (OER).  Lumen will find existing open content and develop adaptive assessments for each competency in each course.  Students will log into Canvas and work from a dashboard that shows what competencies they need to address and their individual progress on each competency.  Final assessments will be developed, administered and evaluated by the faculty hired to teach the courses.  The final assessments will be project- or activity-based.  Students must demonstrate mastery of all competencies at 80% or better to receive credit for the course.

The curriculum will be openly licensed, and we welcome comments and feedback at any time.  See the curriculum maps below.

Links to Curriculum Maps

We have removed the first draft of the competencies for the CBE courses and will soon post the updated links to the more complete version of the courses.  Watch for them!