How faculty from pilot colleges can be involved in the CBE program

The CBE business degree pilot seeks system faculty, especially from pilot colleges, to provide expertise in several ways.

  1. Faculty are currently working to map competencies for the 18 courses in the degree program.  The process is facilitated by Lumen Learning, and participating faculty are paid on a personal services contract through Columbia Basin College (the lead institution in the pilot consortium).  The first stage of this work is almost done; however additional faculty will be needed as we continue to work on the courses.  For more information, please email
  2. As the competencies are drafted, they will be made openly available on this site.  You can make comments on the draft competencies directly on the shared documents, which will be on  under Courses.The economics course competencies are there now, and we will be adding the other courses soon.
  3. As the lead institution, Columbia Basin is hiring four full-time and six adjunct faculty to be the teaching faculty for the pilot.  If you are interested in applying for one of the jobs, see the job announcements here:
  4. Although the teaching faculty for the pilot will be hired by Columbia Basin, faculty and administrators from pilot colleges will be included on each hiring committee.  If you are interested, the interviews will take place mid-November through mid-December, and they will be completely online.  Let your VPI know if you would like to serve on a hiring committee.
  5. The teaching version of the courses will be finalized by the faculty hired to teach.  Those faculty will also devise, administer and grade the final assessments.  Teaching faculty will be reaching out to pilot college faculty for feedback on the courses in early winter.