CBE Update

The CBE pilot project continues to make progress toward our first students in March.

You can find an update on the CBE Business Degree Pilot in this Update January 2015.

Here’s a quick version:

Eight colleges continue to work on the CBE business degree pilot:  Bellevue, Centralia, Columbia Basin (Lead), Everett, Olympic, both Pierce Colleges, and Tacoma.  CBC plans to begin teaching students in March, and the other pilots plan to begin in July.  NWCCU has required all colleges to file a substantive change for any CBE program, and CBC’s request has been approved. Selection committees are interviewing candidates for 11 positions:  a completion coach, four full-time faculty and 6 adjunct faculty.  Lumen Learning continues to work with system faculty to build open course content and both adaptive and performance-based assessments.