CBE Pilot Program Launch Checklist

Based on their own experiences and processes for launching the CBE program, Columbia Basin College developed a CBE program launch checklist for pilot colleges to use as they develop the CBE program on their campuses.

Sections include the categories and relevant tasks for launching (e.g. accreditation, financial aid, marketing and communication), CBC notes on current program processes and approaches and helpful links to CBC Handbook resources and examples of CBC approaches for colleges to reference.

The tasks have been sorted in order of flow and processes, but as colleges pursue and await substantive change approval from your accreditor, it is important to begin other planning processes.  One of the most essential tasks is to identify representatives from advising, financial aid, registration, student services and the business office to begin meeting and developing policies and procedures to accommodate the CBE Business Transfer Degree.

CBE and CBC program staff members are available and more than willing to help as colleges prepare!  Please refer to the “CBE Contacts” section of the handbook to find general program contacts and content experts.

CBE Pilot Program Checklist – Excel Version (to sort as needed)

CBE Pilot Program Checklist – Printable (pdf)