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Competency-Based Education Business Transfer Pilot

Our goal is to flip the relationship between time and learning.  We are developing programs in which students earn credit not by how much time they spend in class but by demonstrating mastery of all the course competencies.

The first pilot program is an 18-course business transfer degree to be piloted by 13 colleges in the Washington community and technical college system.  Students will work at their own pace in completely online, openly licensed, credit-based courses.  They will be supported by a dedicated completion coach and by qualified faculty in each discipline.  The courses will be designed in partnership with Lumen Learning and Difference Engine to include adaptive testing.  Students will gain credit for the courses after demonstrating mastery of all competencies.

This degree program will not be about fast or slow but about what you know.

Project resources can be found on this blog, and we also have a listserv for conversation on Competency-Based Education (CBE).  Click here to join the listserv.